Monday, November 12, 2007

The effect of a very bad economy

The very reason why the proponent of the Saipan Casino was pushing to legalize casino on Saipan simply to create employment opportunities for our local people. Not long thereafter the election, walking papers were issued to nearly 400 goverment workers. Read more...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Message of Appreciation

As the proponent of the Saipan Casino Initiative we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all those 3,492 individuals who voted Yes to Saipan Casino. Your support is a demonstration that you are very concern about our very poor economy and of your desire for an economic recovery. We respected the decision of the voters and the result of the election. However, we are very disappointed with us who are pushing for the legalization of casinos on Saipan, simply because we do not have the necessary resources that would allow us to reachout to each individual in our community to explain the purpose and intent of the Saipan Casino Initiative. We have came in contact with many individuals who did not vote either yes or no or just voted no, simply because they do not understand the Saipan Casino Initiative - we apologize for not reachout to you all.

Many are asking if we will try again to push for another casino initiative for the 2009 election. Perhaps, if we have adequate resources that will enable us to reachout to every single individuals in our community. We should and must continue to find ways to achieve economic self-sufficiency for all persons of Northern Marianas Descent and bring about a strong economy for the benefit of all.

We also extend our heartfelt appreciation for the many people who volunteered their time to help out during the signature drive, public education campaign and during the election day. Without you, we will not have reached the day of the election. We also extend our gratitude to all our friends who have donated both in-kinds and monetary contribution. Your contribution has help in many ways especially on the expenses of our public education brochures, fliers, cards, billboards, radio spots T.V. commercial spots, and the John Gonzales Show.

Again, si Yu'us ma'ase', thank you, olomwaay and salamat po' for your support and we will be reaching out to all of you when the time is right to pursue another casino initiative.

God Bless.

The CNMI Indigenous Entreprenuers, Inc.