Monday, November 12, 2007

The effect of a very bad economy

The very reason why the proponent of the Saipan Casino was pushing to legalize casino on Saipan simply to create employment opportunities for our local people. Not long thereafter the election, walking papers were issued to nearly 400 goverment workers. Read more...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Message of Appreciation

As the proponent of the Saipan Casino Initiative we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all those 3,492 individuals who voted Yes to Saipan Casino. Your support is a demonstration that you are very concern about our very poor economy and of your desire for an economic recovery. We respected the decision of the voters and the result of the election. However, we are very disappointed with us who are pushing for the legalization of casinos on Saipan, simply because we do not have the necessary resources that would allow us to reachout to each individual in our community to explain the purpose and intent of the Saipan Casino Initiative. We have came in contact with many individuals who did not vote either yes or no or just voted no, simply because they do not understand the Saipan Casino Initiative - we apologize for not reachout to you all.

Many are asking if we will try again to push for another casino initiative for the 2009 election. Perhaps, if we have adequate resources that will enable us to reachout to every single individuals in our community. We should and must continue to find ways to achieve economic self-sufficiency for all persons of Northern Marianas Descent and bring about a strong economy for the benefit of all.

We also extend our heartfelt appreciation for the many people who volunteered their time to help out during the signature drive, public education campaign and during the election day. Without you, we will not have reached the day of the election. We also extend our gratitude to all our friends who have donated both in-kinds and monetary contribution. Your contribution has help in many ways especially on the expenses of our public education brochures, fliers, cards, billboards, radio spots T.V. commercial spots, and the John Gonzales Show.

Again, si Yu'us ma'ase', thank you, olomwaay and salamat po' for your support and we will be reaching out to all of you when the time is right to pursue another casino initiative.

God Bless.

The CNMI Indigenous Entreprenuers, Inc.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saipan Casino Act certified by the Attorney General

Read the Saipan Casino Act certified by the Attorney General. If you have any questions, just email your questions and we will reply at the soonest possible. Thank you and please vote YES on November 3rd.

Read what other people say about the Saipan Casino

Legalizing gambling by Roger N. Ludwick
THERE are certain factions that believe legalized gambling would enhance our islands as a tourist attraction and save us from the economic woes that now beset us. I think they are right. The fear that I have is that our poorly managed government would not have the capability to properly ensure that the money produced by this activity benefits the people of the CNMI. We have enough crime here now. Legalized gambling in places like Reno and Las Vegas Nevada has greatly decreased the cost of living in those areas for the local residents. I know local folks who have moved to these cities and can attest to the low cost of living there. Imagine how nice it would be to have no charge for power or water and no taxes. Read more...

Casinos can be legitimate option by Alan Stuart Markoff, DDS, MBA
I read with considerable interest the two-page article in Sunday's Saipan Tribune entitled “All bets are on”. The Seminole Indian Tribe in South Florida literally pulled themselves up by their collective bootstraps. The casino was developed in a “family style” utilizing both Foxwoods and The Mohegan casinos in Connecticut as an example of how to do it “right”! I have been in both of these casinos and they are constructed for family outings. Read more...

Investors waiting for vote on Saipan casino by James Santos, Secretary of Commerce COMMERCE Secretary James Santos says potential investors are waiting for the results of the Nov. 3 vote on the Saipan casino initiative.Santos said they have received a number of inquiries from foreign investors.“But they are waiting for the outcome of the Saipan casino initiative,” he told Variety. “If a casino is established on Saipan, it will lure more investors.” Read more...

Saipan is the most viable place in the CNMI for casino gaming
by Jon Anderson, loan officer for Bridge Capital LLC
He also said Saipan is the most viable place in the CNMI for casino gaming because the island is well developed as a tourist destination. “Saipan has established hotels, the number of rooms needed, other kinds of entertainment, beaches, golf courses. Adding casino gaming, I think, would be profitable,” he told reporters. Read more...

If you want a better future for you and your family by John M Cabrera
Today, there is hope that casino will bring to Saipan a better economic jumpstart. Let’s face the facts. There’s always good and bad impact in everything that happens in our life. The bottom-line is whether you have money or not — problems will still come to you. The difference is that money can solve the problem; but when you have no money, your problem will never go away. Read more...

Ambrose Benette is playing dirty by distroying YES to Saipan Casino signs. Wondering who are financing Mr. Common Sense Ambrose Benette No to CasiNo campaign? Ignoring the people by Nick C. Sablan On another matter, the most important thing in this upcoming election is the casino. I think we need everyone’s support on this including Mr. Common Sense. Read more...

Educate yourself about the casino industry by Vicente M. Sablan
As for those that bluntly say “No to Casinos on Saipan”, please take your time to travel, see and research the casino industries throughout the world. I am especially impressed by the casino industry in Macau, China. Before the casino was established on this tiny remote island, it did not have any international airport or seaport. The island cannot accommodate an airport because it is too small. It cannot accommodate seaport because the waters surrounding the island are too shallow. However, since the government allowed casinos to operate, the island had become a seaport hub for casino customers from Hong Kong and mainland China. Read more ...

Casinos or no casinos by Derry Noisom
The only real way to stop our people from being gambling addicts would be to eliminate all gambling. Period! Is anyone willing to start a petition that would outlaw every kind and type of gambling? I would vote for that. Getting rid of all the poker parlors would be great. It is the only solution to our local gambling problems. But I will vote YES for Casino Gambling this November, for the overall good to the CNMI people. It is sad but true that keeping the casinos out will not help our local addicts. Read more...

Comparing apples and oranges by Felipe Atalig
Some people compare the Saipan casino initiative with the poker law. The poker law was established through enactment by the Legislature and approved by the Governor, thereby legalizing poker business in the CNMI! Read more...

Fire me up by Bruce Bateman
Those already wealthy can afford to stay here. Those on the middle and bottom rungs are getting to the point where they cannot. Many of our local families are not making ends meet. This Casino Act offers the means, which with hard work and proper oversight, can give the economy the boost it needs to keep families together and to get the CNMI back on the road to recovery after 10 years of languishing. Read more...

Casino will kill poker industry by Joe Terlaje
One week ago today, local residents saw two Asian looking persons putting up anti-Saipan casino signs close to the entrance going down to Santa Lourdes Shrines. Reports say they came from Tinian via the ferry boat with their signs. Surely you are aware of this, Ambrose. Read more...

Nobody lives in a perfect world by Vicente M. Sablan
The people of Tinian are reaping the benefits of casino revenue without increase in crimes and prostitution. If you are from Tinian and the Mayor hear you coughing, he will immediately cut a TA to have you referred anywhere in the world so you can get well. Read more...

Who supports the NO casino Campaign? by Derry Noisom
WHO are the main contributors of dollars to those opposed to Saipan casinos? I would guess the owners of poker rooms. And perhaps the owners or CEOs of the Tinian casino(s). Read more...

Common sense and Mr. Bennett by Francisco R. Agulto
What Mrs. Bennett did not understand is that her husband’s writings are being viewed and decoded by people other than him. We look for the claim, evidence, and warranties to his arguments. Mr. Bennett said he is a constitutional scholar, an expert in governmental matters to the exclusion of others who have contributed to the development of the CNMI, and also indicated wanting to be a minister of education in the CNMI. This is the problem. Read more...

Church Propaganda by Bobby Myers
The priest stated very clearly that the church is not saying gambling is moral or immoral. I remember that statement very clearly. In fact, I sort of agreed with it, because that’s a question that we should all be able to figure out on our own. The priest then jumped to the typical facts showing how the advent and existence of poker establishments have dramatically changed the commonwealth for the worse. It has ruined families, jobs, finances, etc. Fair enough. But wait a second, I thought the priest said the church wasn’t going there. In reality, the church was doing just that — propaganda. Aside from the misplaced premise behind the church’s propaganda — i.e., that casinos will inflame what poker establishments have already given rise to and are known for creating — I always thought the church’s purpose was to be a spiritual advisor or something like that. Read more...

Anonymous billboards by Jane H. Saures and others
THE Saipan Casino Act issue seems to be heating up with money flowing into the coffers of the “Vote No” group that has been placing lots of signs to complement the hundreds of signs for political candidates of all persuasions. Read more...

Casino Initiative (1) by Juan S. Demapan
MY fellow citizens of the commonwealth, come Nov. 3, 2007, you will be making a critical decision that will change our commonwealth in ways yet to be determined. However, if you fail to act and remain neutral, then perhaps you have no reason to complain in the years to follow. Read more...,

Purpose of casino by Juan S. Demapan, former Senate President
Allow me to clarify some misunderstanding presently going about regarding what the casino for Saipan or Rota was meant to accomplish. The focus of the casino operation in Saipan and perhaps Rota is not to target the local residents into playing for the casino. The purpose of the casino establishments in the islands is to take advantage of the enormous economic potential giving rise to the large population base located only a few hours from our shores — the Asian market. The purpose of the casino establishments in our islands is to take advantage of the economic potential arising from the military build up in Guam. Read more...

I changed my mind by Sid Ada
After watching the debate on the Saipan Casino Initiative on Oct.r 11, 2007 held at the Multipurpose Center, it got me thinking whether I should continue with my earlier decision to vote NO or to change my mind and vote YES on the Saipan Casino Initiative. Read more...

Life is a gamble by Luis K. Pelisamen
SUPER educated, super smart Ambrose Bennett wrote in his letter to the editor that “life is not a gamble.” He knows that “life is a gamble.” Just to give a few example: when you drive your car especially on busy street, ride on an airplane, a firefighter fighting fire, a soldier going off to war, a policeman protecting the community, a doctor working to save lives, a patient on the operating table, and so on. Read more...

Easy to say no by Bruce Bateman
Casino gaming here on Saipan is the only workable solution that has so far been proposed. There may be others but so far no one has proposed one. There are a few people, however, who say that possible negatives outweigh the obvious advantages. This or that is wrong with it and it can't work they say. My guess is that most of the No's have a vested interest in another business or industry or they just plain fear the change back to a prosperous economy. Read more...

Clarifying a misunderstanding on casino intent
by Juan S. Demapan
Allow me to clarify some misunderstanding presently going around about what the casino for Saipan or Rota was meant to accomplish. The focus of the casino operation on Saipan and perhaps Rota is not to target the local residents into playing in the casino. Read more...

Speaking of High and Mighty by Bruce Bateman

I notice that the most vocal anti-casino folks like Pelligrino and Bennett always sign off their diatribes with references to God blessing us all for voting no. As if they have some direct pipeline to God. Read more...

The main thing is to keep the main thing the man thing by Jack Q. Atalig

IN order to keep the main thing the main thing — the economy, which is at its very worst condition — we must seek other alternatives to relieve our situation. This coming election introduces casino as an answer to our economic dilemma and is the main thing for our survival.

Confusing by Nick Sablan
THE “Fear, Power and Corruption Act” ad of Mr. Ambrose M. Bennett was confusing.He was practically saying that the casino is good only if it is done his way and with the right people. One thing I know for sure about the “No” ad is that he has a deep pocket, unlike the proponents who are struggling and desperately asking for donations. Read more...

Do we have a choice? by Patrick Mendiola
WE don’t have natural resources like oil, natural gas, mines or fish to export.We cannot compete with other countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong because they offer many tourist attractions that are cheaper. Read more...

History of gaming in Michigan by Juan S. Demapan
ALLOW me to relate to you the success story of the Michigan casinos in Detroit and how they were established. (For more details of the Michigan casinos, please visit the Web site Read more...

Monday, October 1, 2007

What does a No Vote to Saipan Casino Initiative means...

If you are voting NO to Saipan Casino Initiative on November 3, 2007, then it means ... is alright for 400 government employees to be laid off from their jobs this coming December 2007. is alright for Fiscal Year 2008 (October 01, 2007 to September 30, 20087) for additional 1021 government employees to be laid off from their jobs and for their families to suffer. is alright that many homes are in the dark with children studying under a candle light because they can not afford to pay CUC whose rate is the highest in the nation. is alright that young men and women who are interested to pursue higher education abroad may stay behind because scholarship funding may not be available and with the probability of becoming jobless. is alright for our love ones who are sick to suffer due to doctors leaving the island and hardly anyone to attend to them and the lack of funds for medical referral to hospitals abroad. No subsistence allowance for medical referral patients and their escorts. is alright for the thousands of government retirees to lose their pension (the only income that supports their families) because the Retirement Fund may bankrupt by the year 2018. is alright for businesses to go bankrupt and for Saipan to have the highest rate of unemployment creating a poor and an unhealthy environment which at the end will promote prostitutions, burglaries, drugs and other criminalities.

Monday, September 17, 2007

397 Government Employees Will Be Jobless!

It was reported by the Marianas Variety that FY '08 budget down by $33M. As a result, 397 government workers wages are affected which means they will soon be jobless. Read more by clicking FY '08 budget down by $33M.

The same newpaper reported that PSS loses 115 Full-Time Employees due to budget shortfall. Read more by clicking PSS loses 115 FTEs due to budget shortfall. This budget shortfall of PSS has resulted in overcrowding in classrooms and lack of funds to buy toilet tissues for the schools. What next? PAYLESS PAYDAYS!

It appears that we only hear talks about how bad our economy is and how much the government revenues shrinking every year. There is very little talk on how to revitalize our economy and no outside-the-box sort of thinking.

Because of the worsening economic situation, many government employees have not received pay increases for YEARS! Many have not received their tax refund for 2004, 2005 & 2006. The government revenue continue to decline and unable to pay its utility bills, therefore, we the people are suffering because the government unpaid bills are being passed on to us every month!

The CNMI needs replacement industry to replace the revenues lost due many Garment factories closing down. We need to improve our infrastructure and clean up our once known by our visitors as Saipan’s beautiful beaches (No more red-flag of our beaches!) so our tourists will start coming back again. These very needed infrastructures to enhance our island so tourists can appreciate visiting us can not be provided because CNMI revenues continually declining.

The CNMI Indigenous Entreprenuers, Inc. offers a solution to our worsening economic situation – Vote YES to Saipan CASINO on November 3, 2007.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Synopsis of the Saipan Casino Initiative

Objective, Purpose, and Intent
1. Establishes, regulates and controls gambling in the Third Senatorial District (Saipan and the islands north of Saipan)
2. Establishes a Saipan Casino Commission to be appointed by the Mayor of Saipan with advise and consent of the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation. Seven members will be appointed. At least two (2) members shall be of Carolinian Descent, four (4) members shall be of Chamorro Descent, and at least one (1) member shall be a woman.
3. Establishes a Saipan Municipal Treasury within the Office of the Mayor of Saipan. The treasurer will be appointed by the mayor with advise and consent of the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation.
4. Establishes a Saipan Casino Fund setup in a FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)bank and administered by the Treasurer. All revenues, taxes, fines, fees and penalties collected in the Third Senatorial District and imposed by the Saipan Casino Commission shall be deposited into the fund.
5. Obligates the Treasurer on an annual basis to hire independent certified public accounting/auditing firm to perform a single annual financial audit of the Saipan Casino Fund, including the activities of the Saipan Casino Commission, the Mayor and the Treasurer relative to the allocations and expenditures of funds appropriated pursuant to this Saipan Casino Act, etc...
6. Authorizes the Attorney General and the Public Auditor to have complete access to the records of the Saipan Casino Fund, including the Office of the Commission, the Maor and the Treasurer in conducting an investigation and prosecution of criminal acts committed against the Fund and any provisions of the Saipan Casino Act.
7. Authorizes and allows one (1) casino license in the Third Senatorial District (Saipan and the islands north of Saipan), whose purpose is for the control, operation and management of casino gaming activities.
8. The Saipan Gaming Commission will issue the casino license to the Northern Marianas Descent Investment Corporation (NMDIC) only. The license shall be perpetual. The NMDIC shall be a profit corporation whose incorporators, directors, officers and shareholders hsall be persons of Northern Marianas Descent.
9. The NMDIC shall issue share of common stock duly subscribed in Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) par value per share and preferred stocks duly subscribed in one dollar ($1.00) par value only to person of Northern Marianas Descent.
10. No person of Northern Marianas Descent shall own more than one (1) share of common stock and no more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) of preferred shares.
11. Any person of Northern Marianas Descent, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older may subscribe to only one (1) share of common stock and not more than twenty-five thousand(25,000) preferred shares from NMDIC, and pay for such share in an installment amount to be determined under a share subscription agreement with NMDIC.
12. NMDIC is not allowed to sell, lease, transfer or assign the Casino License or any interest to any other person. However, NMDIC, with the approval of the Saipan Casino Commission, may enter into the following casino business gaming activities and operation:
a. A Casino Management Agreement for a fee or profit sharing with a person who has expertise in casino business management and operations.
b. An agreement with a person for the financing, design and construction of a casino hotel complex of not less than 200 rooms and for the management and operation of the casino complex or just the operation fo casino gaming activities for a fee or profit sharing.
c. Casino Establishment Operation Agreement with hotel establishments with no less than 200 rooms for a fee or profit sharing.
13. The minimum condition for approving a casino management agreement or casino establishment operation agreement by the Saipan Casino Commission are:
a. Employment of persons of Northern Marianas Descent (NMD).
b. The U.S. minimum wage shall be applicable to employees of the casino operators and shall govern the hourly pay rate.
c. NMD residents shall be trained in supervisory and management positions and be placed in those positions once qualified within five years of business operation.
d. Employee benefit programs, such as health and dental insurance, sick and vacation leave shall be instituted within the first 12 months of operation.
e. Payment of all applicable fees and taxes.
14. The Division of Public land or its successor, at the request of NMDIC, shall issue public land to NMDIC. The land or lands issued to NMDIC shall not be transferrable. Upon the dissolution of NMDIC, the land including all improvements on it shall revert to the Division of Public Land or its successor without cost.
15. All application fees, license fees, permit fees, fines and penalties, and casino gross revenue tax pursuant to this Saipan Casino Act shall be considered local revenues for the Third Senatorial District (Saipan and the Northern Islands), and shall be available for appropriation by the Saipan and the Northern Islands Legislative Delegation for local purposes as follows:
a. Infrastructure development and collateral equipment
b. Recreation and sports facilities
c. Educational facilities and collateral equipment
d. Public safety and law enforcement facilities and collateral equipment
e. Gambling anonymous program
f. Training and scholarships for NMD students
g. Youth and elderly development programs
h. Medical referral programs
i. Disability programs
j. Health insurance premium special account
k. Social, cultural and indigent programs
l. Low interest home loans
m. Commercial loads