Monday, September 17, 2007

397 Government Employees Will Be Jobless!

It was reported by the Marianas Variety that FY '08 budget down by $33M. As a result, 397 government workers wages are affected which means they will soon be jobless. Read more by clicking FY '08 budget down by $33M.

The same newpaper reported that PSS loses 115 Full-Time Employees due to budget shortfall. Read more by clicking PSS loses 115 FTEs due to budget shortfall. This budget shortfall of PSS has resulted in overcrowding in classrooms and lack of funds to buy toilet tissues for the schools. What next? PAYLESS PAYDAYS!

It appears that we only hear talks about how bad our economy is and how much the government revenues shrinking every year. There is very little talk on how to revitalize our economy and no outside-the-box sort of thinking.

Because of the worsening economic situation, many government employees have not received pay increases for YEARS! Many have not received their tax refund for 2004, 2005 & 2006. The government revenue continue to decline and unable to pay its utility bills, therefore, we the people are suffering because the government unpaid bills are being passed on to us every month!

The CNMI needs replacement industry to replace the revenues lost due many Garment factories closing down. We need to improve our infrastructure and clean up our once known by our visitors as Saipan’s beautiful beaches (No more red-flag of our beaches!) so our tourists will start coming back again. These very needed infrastructures to enhance our island so tourists can appreciate visiting us can not be provided because CNMI revenues continually declining.

The CNMI Indigenous Entreprenuers, Inc. offers a solution to our worsening economic situation – Vote YES to Saipan CASINO on November 3, 2007.