Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear People of Saipan and Northern Islands:

The Attorney General’s Office has certified the “local initiative petition” for the Saipan Casino Act to be placed on the November 3rd 2007 general election. Thanks to the many individuals who volunteered and sacrificed their time in collecting signatures for the Saipan Casino Act Initiative and to those who contributed for this worthy cause. You are the one that made the certification of the Saipan Casino Act Initiative possible. Thank you, Si yuus Maase, and Olomwaay.

In the coming days, public education will be conducted about the Saipan Casino Act. The public education is very important because we want you “the voters” to know and understand what this Saipan Casino Act is all about. As soon as schedule of events are set, it will be posted. So visit the Saipan Casino Act Blog from time to time for detailed information.

The Saipan Casino is the best offering and deal to replenish the millions of dollars of lost revenues due to closure of garment factories, stoppage of Japan Airline and Continental Airline direct air services to and from Saipan which have hurt our tourist industry and the Commonwealth’s failure to put together a well planned economic recovery strategy.

If you are having hard time paying for your CUC bills, your hospital bills or you and/or a member of your family is sick and need medical referral to hospital abroad but was denied due to lack of funding or your child is not receiving the best education due to lack of teachers, instructional materials, such as text books and supplies because the Public School System does not have enough money or your child just graduated from high school but can not continue on to college because the family does not have the financial means and the scholarship office does not have sufficient funding to grant financial support for your child’s college education. And if you are one of the many individuals who are having hard time finding job in Saipan and is now planning to leave Saipan for a job in the U.S. or elsewhere and for the same reason that our college graduated students are reluctant to return to their islands. And if you fear that in the short distant future, the Retirement Fund will not issue the only income that supports your family because the Retirement Fund maybe bankrupt, then what is next? Hope . . . and hope is on the way – the Saipan Casino Act. There is no reason for us to let our suffering continue and for our people to leave our islands for employment abroad, etc., etc… The Saipan Casino Act can turn our depress economy around to a brighter and promising future. The Saipan Casino Act is the only proposal available that offers the best economic strategy for our people and our Commonwealth. It can work but only you “the voters” can make this happen. Vote “YES” on the Saipan Casino Act on November 3, 2007.

Again thank you, Maraming Salamat Po, Kamsa Hamneda, Si Yuus Maase, Olomwaay.

Sincerely yours,
The CNMI Indigenous Entreprenuers

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